Recruitment business

In the recruitment business, we have a fee-based employment placement service and have been successful in matching companies and job seekers who want new talent. What I've focused particularly on is the job of engaging in the operation of the EC site. Our company also operates a mail-order site at our company, which is established as an advantage compared with other competitors' services. Based on the high-quality services that make use of the know-how that we cultivated in our company and the sense of trust given to both companies and job seekers, we have been selected as a company that carries out EC site business and have sent out human resources who are ready for immediate fighting.

recruitment business
Two introduction services tailored to the purpose

Paid employment placement business we do is categorized largely into two categories.
The first thing that will become the main business is matching people who are involved in EC site management. In addition to the direction jobs handling the overall operation, web site creation jobs such as designers and coders, system development and operation, plus product planning and development, marketing personnel, consultants and sales personnel all related to the Internet mail order business Respond to occupation. We adopt a performance-based business model, so we can expect higher effects within limited recruitment costs.
The second is matching mainly aimed at changing jobs from middle to high class with annual income of 8 million to 20 million with over 30's. This is a fixed remuneration type, using scouts and head hunting while utilizing a dedicated recruitment site, find executive class talents such as COO, CFO, finance manager, etc., a large number of talented people, mainly manufacturers and trading companies etc. Has been introduced.

recruitment business
To "one company" and "one person", fine-grained service

Our philosophy of the recruitment business is "one in one company". We strive to create ourselves as "business marriage gimmicks", and we are working on a daily basis aiming to provide fine-grained services to create as many as possible the best encounters.
Therefore, for example, when sending scout mails, instead of using standard sentences, instead of changing the content of e-mails by each employee according to the career's background and personality, it takes time and time, We devise measures to raise reply rate and contract rate. Also, the same agent staff is in charge of mediation between companies seeking new talent and job seekers. It prevents discrepancies in information and performance deterioration due to division of labor. In addition, we do consulting services to support activities after entering the company without limiting to transient business introductions, so companies that have trouble about recruitment will feel free to contact any trivial matter Please contact us.