人と社会に夢と喜びを Dream & Happiness To the World


1. Human resource development through business and work
There is only one way for people to achieve their dreams and ideals. It is to raise "human power". With human powers, we have value standards and perspectives that allow us to choose our lives, and our standings and income will follow any number of more. And people grow only through work and work. Although there are various ways such as judo, kendo, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Bushido, etc., it is one of our mission to cultivate human resources through "work way".
2. Construction of a mechanism for Japanese companies to earn foreign currency
We are thinking that this is not to say, "Japan is not healthy, so it will strengthen its expansion into Europe, the US and Asia, so it is an oversea market", such as the declining birthrate, the aging of the population, the decline in the ratio in the global GDP.

Currently, there are 196 countries. In that country, the second and third market in the world is in the country Japan. In 26 countries in Asia, in 2016 data, 84% of GDP is closed in 4 countries, China, Japan, India and Korea. Consumption in Asia is over 80% in these four countries. Can companies that can not contribute in their own country Japan succeed abroad? First of all I make an overwhelming contribution to Japan and I will repay you. And we aim to earn more foreign currency.

The spirit and service of the hospitality of attention, attentive attention, anxious three hospitality, manufacturing, manufacturing can contribute to the happiness of the people of the world. Contribute to the expansion of Japanese companies abroad by practicing their own predecessors.
3. Increase immigration in inbound, activate labor force and demand/consumption
In another three years the population of Aomori 1 prefecture will decrease. In 10 years, the population of Hokkaido 1 road will decrease. The current special fertility rate has only 1.4 children born from two parents. If we can not take measures in this way, we predict that the population of Japanese people will decline to 40 million in 2100.

I would like to repay Japan, what should I do to protect it?

That is to have the people of the world know about Japan and come. It is to get to know great products and services, sightseeing spots, to increase consumption and demand. This is an important issue not only to leave it to the state but also to companies to work on.


We will contribute to society through planning, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of better services indispensable for people's happy life.
There are good products and services, but they do not have awareness. I want to expand sales channels. I would like to increase the number of sales at retail stores and web sites. We offer practical sales promotion support to solve the problems of customers who have such troubles. Specifically, products launched with overwhelming sales expertise will always aim to break through sales of more than 2 million units and utilize the selling know-how cultivated in-house to support other companies' marketing.

As a medium-term target, we will contribute to the elimination of the three major diseases, the seven major lifestyle diseases from Japan from healthcare, which is the most important in our daily lives.


As a creative company of life culture to enrich people's lives around the world, we aim to become the only company in the world from Japan's only one
Living culture is "clothing, food, housing, health, beauty" that is indispensable for people's lives. Sales in the Japanese market 100 billion yen · 1 trillion yen in sales in the global market is achieved at the shortest and fastest. We will produce 1500 group companies and 300 management team by 2030. Fifty percent of the management team will be executives of foreign nationality.


We will contribute to the creation of a happy future for all people, with passion, obsession, faith and will, wishing for customers and the second family J Frontier, family employees prosperity and development
The second home is J Frontier. It is my irreplaceable colleagues who work with the second family together. We pursue to prosper as a professional human resources educational institution indispensable for the realization of dreams and ideals.

Each employee is responsible for every single action so that each employee can pursue the happiness of life and become a person who will affect society. We pursue lifelong to raise human power and continue to explore to survive a life without regret without any compromise that seems to be "I want to be reborn into hundreds of times even if I am born again".