Advertising agency

Our advertising agency business is not just to undertake the advertisement work. Based on the vast amount of data cultivated through the operation of its mail-order site, from the product planning including pricing, etc., consulting related to the operation work, and the landing page creation etc. from the stage before the advertisement , We will offer you in total the part related to creatives that will be the buyer's receiver. With sales know-how based on more practical experience, we will support customers until you get to know the products and get them to hand.

advertising agency
From product planning, creative to reasonable

Mainly on Web advertisement, we will create a strategy story to improve the sales of products and propose advertisement development that matches the characteristics and budget of the product. Clients that have traded so far, including apparel brands and beverage makers that fulfill global expansion, mainly domestic major cosmetic manufacturers and health food manufacturers, also have a wide variety of industries and merchandise. By analyzing the characteristics of products and the attributes of core users of each medium, we have retained great achievements by selecting the best advertisement format and launch method for each.
In addition, our company also operates the EC site is a feature of our company, also comprehensive support to product planning and consulting business related to mail order management based on the know-how gained there. In addition, since we have a production team inside our company, we can bargain collectively about creative parts such as banner preparation and landing page creation.

advertising agency
To further improve the effect

One of the strengths of our company is that we have many contents that we can propose when advertising is promoted. In addition to ordinary web advertisement, we can do diversified and comprehensive promotion by media mix such as blog · SNS utilization, listing advertisement, offline press conference and event etc. Especially the PR who appointed a talent is where we are most proud of. Regarding sales promotion using blogs and SNS, we have enormous achievements. Using these databases, you can estimate estimates such as the number of accesses, the number of clicks, and the percentage up to purchase by referring to similar products in the past, so you can expect more efficient promotion expenses . Moreover, in order to aim for a higher effect, it is not a single issue but also a long-term advertisement plan is launched. For example, as a first phase, we will encourage Influencers, and then create a synergistic effect by hitting PR by Talent, we will create a topic that will be a topic.