Casting business

It is indispensable for improving awareness of products and services and publicizing activities, such as talents and models, PR activities that appointed celebrities. We will investigate the product characteristics and hobby preferences of the target through thorough marketing and carry out the optimum casting. Also, by including surprise and planability there, we have a lot of know-how of creating a mechanism to become a topic on television and the Internet, and have kept a lot of achievements so far.

casting business
To maximize effect

In addition to booking of celebrities and celebrities such as talents and models, musicians, athletes and comedians for promoting various products, we respond to a wide range of citizens who can expect realistic users' echoes We will. I am in charge of work, a full-time team that has accumulated experience and abundant experiences. By making full use of the wide network of staff who we have cultivated so far, we can assign to the talent who maximizes the promotion effect, and at the same time, by proposing a promotion plan that can also benefit from the talent side, it is a long and effective relationship You can build sex.

casting business
Planning, proposals, contracts, one stop

One of our strengths is to be able to attract numerous media when conducting product PR event based on experience and know-how gained through sales promotion of our products. Also, when there is a request for casting, you can thoroughly investigate the characteristics of the product and the hobby preferences of the target group and carry out the event with appropriate personnel selection, appropriate timing, appropriate place and content . And plus the new value to information by putting elements of surprise that is easy to pick up as a topic there. You can create a big topic by tying a lot of media around the TV wide show.