Product development

To date, we have developed and manufactured at a reasonable price prices that are required for the times from thorough marketing and market research, and at the same time, we promote manufacturing OEM manufacturing agencies by collaborating with plants in Japan and overseas, for many users We delivered high quality products. In addition, by contracting from a nationwide shop front circulation such as a drugstore and a GMS to a planned and strategic advertisement deployment on a one-stop basis, we collaborate with many companies and manufacturers to achieve a certain effect and a large number of achievements I have left.

product development
One stop from planning development to shop front circulation, PR

The strength of our product development is that it is unusual even in Japan, having a mail-order site in-house, and it also has functions of OEM manufacturing agent. Based on a lot of knowledge that we have cultivated in the operation of our mail-order business, we set up products such as price design, negotiate with affiliated factories, etc., not just making products, but developing and manufacturing from stores Distribution, advertisement · PR, as well as planning and execution of mail order campaign aimed at acquiring new customers will be undertaken with one stop. In addition, it is one of our advantages that we can distribute over-the-counter to major drug stores, mass merchandisers, GMS etc. Originally, the merchandise frame of a retail store is filled with standard products of major manufacturers, it is extremely difficult to wholesale new products from small manufacturers that are scarce in performance and difficult to predict sales. However, our company can distribute it to various sales channels by taking advantage of deep trust relationship with wholesale companies and nationwide retailers that are wholesalers built based on past sales results.

product development
Until it leads to actual "selling"

It is also our advantage to cooperate with the advertising agency business unit and the casting business unit to produce a comprehensive PR strategy from launch to execution in total. We can recognize by increasing the exposure of the product, to distribute the store as well as to expand the advertisement to improve the actual sales number at once.
For example, even if you succeed in creating a temporary topic by casting a celebrity, unless you have a long-term PR plan, the number of sales will definitely become slender. Also, in recent years, it was not possible to reach user's interest alone by TV commercials, magazine advertisement, event development, etc. We had to use a previous mechanism, such as making a word of mouth with SNS according to the timing of exposure It was. Promotional design which can respond to the needs of such a marketplace is also a part which we are good at.
We support the company flexibly according to product characteristics and business model, such as development and manufacturing, outsourcing only at shop front, requesting only advertisement development. We will respond flexibly and precisely in various phases related to product development.