Foreign operation

In order to fulfill business development in China and other Asian countries, as well as worldwide, we provide total support from opening of EC site to operation consulting, advertisement development, construction of logistics flow and interpretation service. In addition, by combining various types of online and offline related promotion channels, such as advertisement delivery, news release delivery, event launching, etc. to the smartphone application, we propose the optimum scheme and offer various products of Japanese companies to China I will approach the target.

foreign operation
Not just selling, one stop service

According to the 2015 survey, B to C 's EC market size in China has been reported to be over 6.7 billion dollars, which is 7.5 times that of Japan. Also, the amount of Japanese goods purchased by cross-border EC from China is expected to be about 800 billion yen in 2015 survey and more than 2 trillion yen in 2019. We have been looking forward to this huge market early and steadily preparing for business development in China. Utilizing applications developed by our company already, it is now possible to implement closed campaigns targeting highly targeted consumers of Japanese products, with 600,000 rich people of child-rearing generation secured as customers We are.
In addition, based on the know-how cultivated with its own products, it has been appreciated as one-stop contracts for the opening of EC sites, consulting for operation, construction of logistics flow, has been selected as a number of Japanese companies It was.

foreign operation
Collaborate with local companies to enhance effectiveness

In 2017, JCROP (JFrontier CRossborder OtoO Promotion) was launched in order to promote products and promote cross-border EC for Japanese companies aiming to expand into China and expand sales channels, and companies already in China deployment. Did.
In order to make this project smoothly, "Sendy kindergarten" with average annual income of about 30 million yen, also having about 600,000 parents who are one of the wealthiest people in China, and over 50 million customers We are doing business tie-up with "Merchants Bank" which is China's largest bank. By conducting product PR for fixed customers who boast of this overwhelming number and direct sampling, it is possible to make more effective sales promotion for the Chinese market. Also engaged in software development such as smartphone application "BeeHome" which co-developed with these affiliated companies, and "SENDY WALLET" payment system. Since "BeeHome" is delivered from SENDY kindergarten, a mechanism that 600,000 parents check every day is completed, and the advertisement effect there is enormous.

foreign operation
Secure sales channels in outbound

Amid the rising domestic inbound demand, sharing products to local stores so that Japanese tourists can easily purchase Japanese goods even after they visited Japan. Based in Hong Kong, we distribute Japanese products to large chain stores such as "Watsons" called Asia No. 1 Drug Store and "Mannings" also known as Hong Kong's leading cosmetic chain shop.

中国パートナー企業Sendy Tecnology

foreign operation
Promotion strategy using influencers

In China and other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, we will proceed with one-stop product PR using influencers of each country. We are in charge of planning, proposal, enforcement at once, creating higher advertising effect.
There are also SNS and smartphone apps that produce young people 's trends and seasonal topics that are full of media, so each country has its own investigation and selection of popular talent and reader models with strong influence among them, Creating connections for appointment at their own routes. We will work on making realistic and hot topic gimmicks and will strive for product PRs that are expected to have greater effects in Asian countries.