The worry of the world wears ten men, and J Frontier firmly grasps the troubles of each customer and wishes to be a way to open the way for solution. "I'd like to go to the esthetic once, but I can not go because it's expensive." "I can not afford to go with my child raised and busy." "It is hard to keep on going." Bicosmart wants to make such a troubling woman smile! It was born from such thought.

[Aqua water peeling] Home treatment which can be done once a week in only 5 minutes

"Aqua water peeling" is a peeling facial instrument which turns off pore dirt and old horny hair with the power of water and ultrasonic waves. Peeling is a word from peel meaning "peel off" in English, in the beauty industry it is a type of "horny care" that removes old horny matter and makes turnover normal. Peeling can be roughly divided into two categories, "chemical" and "physical", but "Aqua water peeling" is a peeling facial instrument that is physically and gentle to skin. You can do treatment like doing with esthetic in just 5 minutes at home, realizing cleansing function and treatment function with one button.

[AQUA STEAMER] Compact and easy to steam home at home

It is an esthetical moisturizing care beauty machine that gives moisture and firm feeling to the dry skin of steam by steam. It can be used just by putting purified water or tap water, and moisturizing care indispensable for facial can be easily done at home. It gives moisture and firm feeling to the dry skin of steam, it can be used easily for regular skin care such as night moisturizing care and before morning makeup.