Kosuiso 328-sen

For women it can be said as "eternal task", beauty. Many people strongly hope to have a beautiful and healthy body. Such to meet the needs, up to the promotion was hired talent from market research, it was produced by advancing the product development on the basis of thorough quality control, functional food nutrition "Kosuiso 328-sen". Among our own brand products, many voices of pleasure from women have arrived.

Total support for women who want to be beautiful

"Kosuiso 328-sen" is a completely new nutritional functional food born by combining "Enzyme" which helps to prepare the body environment from the inside and "Hydrogen" which is expected to have high effect on health and beauty. By fermenting 328 kinds of materials such as vegetables, fruits, seaweed and the like in a method suitable for each, it is possible to enhance the effect of contained nutritional ingredients and to change it to a state more easily absorbed in the body Did. In addition, we can add vitamin B group which is indispensable for beauty and health well, we can recommend it for beautiful and healthy body together with the function of enzyme.
Today, in addition to the most popular "Kosuiso 328-sen Selection Supplement", the series has been expanded with lineup such as "Kosuiso 328-sen Selected Drink", "Kosuiso 328-sen Selection Ceremony Shake" and more finely customer needs Also correspondence. Also, create an original body make-up program that will guide you to moderate exercise and correct way of eating, attitudes to be conscious of your everyday life, etc. Include it in the product and deliver the woman who wishes to become beautiful We support total from various angles.

Aiming to build relationships beyond the boundaries of mail order sales

It is a feature of "Kosuiso 328-sen" to improve the beauty effect by returning to everyday eating habits and usual posture, etc., without any load more than necessary on the body. I gathered many women's support from the convenience and the ease of starting and I have had a bitter experiences repeatedly because I tried to start but I was postponed and I took a burdensome method on my body We can also expect support for women.
Also, I have been promoting project-rich using the popular talents and models, one of the features of "328 elections of yeast hydrogen". A large and comprehensive PR activity such as making six-time press conference that can be said as an exceptional item as one item and developing a number of special contents on the web making use of the character nature of the recruitment talent was successful It has been chosen by many women who played. In the future, in order to build a relationship beyond the general mail-order border with each customer, and to respond to the feeling that many women wish to "make a beautiful and healthier body" held by them , We will continue to make further efforts.