Kusuri no Kenko Nihondo

"Kusuri no Kenko Nihondo" started as a site dealing with drug sales for the first time by JFrontier inc. who has been manufacturing and selling beauty and health food for a long time.
We take seriously the troubles of each customer and we will support everyday we can spend with our customers.
Currently, the medicine "Why Pure" which is effective to spots and freckles, "Why pure medicinal whitening cream" which care for spots and freckle from the outside of the body, medicine "TONDE CARE" effective for drinking joint pain / neuralgia / muscle pain We will handle three products, we will continue to enhance the lineup in the future.

As our first medicine, "White Pure"

"White Pure" is the first medicine released by JFrontier inc. as a medicine effective for spots and freckles. In December 2016, we started selling on-line at the same time as opening "Kusuri no Kenko Nihondo" EC site dedicated to pharmaceuticals, and now handling at stores is also starting.
"Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.", which has consistently engaged in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and health foods since the Taisei era sixth in charge of manufacturing. "Our desire to contribute to women pursuing beauty and health" and our strong feelings, together with traditional technical capabilities of Sinsexido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., brought together a white pure.
Also, in addition to "White Pure" drinking on spots and freckles, "White pure medicinal whitening cream" (quasi-drugs) also suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. We are developing the series so that we can pursue beautiful from both inside and outside of the body.

"Tonde care" to improve pain in the knees, hips, and shoulders from within the body

TONDE CARE, which is effective for relieving neuralgia, joint pain, muscle pain, etc., was launched in June 2017 as a second series of drugs released by our company.
The ingredients that act on nerves and muscles, such as vitamin B1 derivative fururosultiamine hydrochloride and vitamin B6. I added nicotinic acid amide, which enables more aggressive approach to pain, vitamin E which promotes blood flow, calcium pantothenate which produces energy, gamma oryzanol which helps the function of autonomic nerve . With these, we can expect improvements from the inside to the symptoms of pain.